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Steel Barrel Brewery, Middle Tennessee’s newest brewery, is the brainchild of Mark Jones, Derrick Morse and a team of partners and experienced beer industry veterans. Brewing hard-working beer for the hard-working individual, the company’s first line of approachable brews was introduced in 2017 and included four mainstays: Americana, an American Pale Ale, Frost, an American-Style Kolsch, Johnny Red, an American-Style Scottish Ale, and Pioneer, an American-Style British Mild.

Steel Barrel Brewery Render


Session Ale

The Pale Ale has been the engine to America’s craft beer revolution. This is our version of a iconic American beverage that harkens the days of American ingenuity.

Flavor               Malty, Hoppy, Slightly Bitter Finish
ABV                   5.1
IBU                    25

Availability: Draft, 16oz Can

Frost Crushable Ale by Steel Barrel Brewing


Crushable Ale

Frost is born from German precision but built for the forester in all of us. Forged out of granite but athletic enough for the everyday drinker. Frost is a man on top of the mountain, and he didn’t fall there.

Flavor             Crisp, Clean, Refreshing
ABV                 4.2
IBU                  16

Availability: Draft, 16oz Can

Johnny Red by Steel Barrel Brewing

Johnny Red

American-Style Scottish Ale

Johnny Red is a new take on a classic flavor that is rich, smooth, and ever-so slightly sweet. It’s full of memories, but might take you to a new place altogether.

Flavor             Rich, smooth, slightly sweet
ABV                 4.9
IBU                  16

Availability: Draft

Pioneer by Steel Barrel Brewing


Dark Session Ale

Like the iconic Davy Crockett of Tennesseean lore, Pioneer climbs ahead to trek where few have gone before. It’s malty, roasty, and sweet, and the perfect beer for adventure.

Flavor             Rich, smooth, slightly sweet
ABV                 4.9
IBU                  16

Availability: Draft


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